donderdag 6 december 2007

Thank you...

Secret Pal 11 goodness!

I'm starting this post with a photo; it speaks for itself, doesn't it? :-)

Last week (bad blogger I am!) I received a gorgeous package from my Secret Pal 11, who is not so secret anymore: Liia from Tallinn in Estonia -- her blog is Again, Liia has spoilt me with a pile of wonderful stuff: a crocheted and felted scarf-wrap, blue Estonian wool yarn, sock yarn, a set of bag handles (that's great, I've been wanting to make a bag for a long time already!), two beautiful soft balls of "preyarn" (unspun yarn) for felting, a booklet on Estonian culture, another booklet on Estonian craft traditions, and a package with polymer clay.

I love everything... it's perfect stuff for me, as it is not the kind of things I would usually find in stores here: there are many new discoveries. The preyarn, for example: I've seen things that people have made with it, and it's gorgeous. I would love to make a felted hat and bag for myself soon! And the polymer clay is a fun one too: I used to work with that a lot when I was a teenager (I made jewelry) and I became really, really nostalgic receiving this. It'll be so much fun to give it a try again.

Thank you, Liia, for being such a great swap partner!

My own "spoilee" will not be announced yet. She is waiting for her last package -- I have been a bit late in sending it (my fault!) but it should have almost reached her. I can already reveal a little itty bitty thingy: she is a Scandinavian and lives waaaay up North, above the Polar Circle. Brr.

Just a short announcement to end -- I'm very busy with work these days, have to finish a large project before New Year and, except for announcing my "downstream" Secret Pal, will quit blogging for a month or so. Dear readers and knitting friends, may I already wish you all a very nice Christmas and New Year? Enjoy the festivities, I'm looking forward to writing again in 2008!

Een korte aankondiging om dit bericht te eindigen. Ik heb het erg druk met werk momenteel en ben een groot project aan het afronden voor oudjaar; daarom zal ik ongeveer een maand niet bloggen en sowieso (helaas) weinig met breien bezig zijn. Lieve lezers en mede-breifanaten, ik wens jullie alvast van harte een hele fijne eindejaarsperiode en gezellige en warme feesten. Geniet ervan, en tot in 2008!

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Tijm zei

SUcces met je werk! Hoop dat het leuk om te doen is en ik hoop je in januari weer ergens te ontmoeten op je blog.

jutupaun zei

Im glad that you liked my package. Remember, when felting make things at least 40% bigger. They tend to shring quite a lot.

Serena zei

Wat een heerlijk pakje heb je van jouw secret pay ontvangen. Op flickr zat ik al even te smullen. Succes met jouw werk en een fijn jaareinde!

knittingajour zei

zoals mijn oma zou zeggen: Hennig An (rustig aan), en geniet van deze decembermaand! En tot snel!

triconette zei

Geweldig, zo'n Pal! Succes met je werk en jij ook mooie feestdagen en tot in 2008. yvonnep

Else zei

What a great package. Yours have been perfect too. You have been such a wonderful spoiler. Thanks for everything. Loved it.

Maijamirjami zei

Sampsa, the cat loved it as did Tuomas too. In fact, he insisted on taking it to the day care today. As I left he was eagerly showing how it works to his friend and daycare mom. BTW, merry Christmas to you and the boys!

muoriska zei

Hi, your box arrived today. Thank you so much.
I'll show it on my blog later.