zaterdag 30 juni 2007

Not-So-Secret Pals... (eng)

Secret Pal 10 is drawing to an end, and a few revelations have taken place...

My "downstream" pal was Pikku-Kettu, and my "upstream" pal was Maijamirjami ... both are Finnish knitters, both very nice people, and both very skilled (in different ways) in many things crafty. Do check out their blogs! It was lovely getting to know you both, ladies (I know that you read each other's blogs) and I hope we'll keep in touch for a long time to come!

Needless to say that I enjoyed this Secret Pal round (my first) very much. I loved making presents, I loved receiving them (of course) and I loved learning a bit more about crafts in Finland; apparently many kids learn to do crafts there from a young age, and this apparently results in (among others) interesting yarn production and, of course, many very skilled and dedicated crafters. At least, that's my impression so far! I've always had a soft spot for Scandinavia, and being matched with two Finnish ladies was therefore very fortunate, as far as I'm concerned.

Now, look at the lovely final package that I received from Maijamirjami...!

Final SP10 Package

It had superb stamps on it (even one with Lordi, if I'm not mistaken). What a good way to start! And then, the contents... four balls of lovely, fluffy Drops Symphony; this yarn looks and feels like angora, but it's actually merino! And a pair of beautiful handknit fingerless gloves in the same 'old pink' color -- look at the finishing, and the lovely elegant cable on the little finger. Beautiful. There was also a keyring in old pink (Grumperina would call it periwinkle, I think), two bars of chocolate (yum! gone immediately!), a novel by Virginia Woolf and... a very elegant felted bag with lace! I'm very curious about that last one -- it's beautifully made, and would it be "found" or vintage lace, or even bobbin lace that Maijamirjami has made herself? I still have to find out.

In any case, my boyfriend can witness that I was in an exalted mood for hours afterwards :-)

3 opmerkingen:

Pikku- Kettu zei

It was so wonderful being your spoilee for Secret Pal! Thank you!

And judging by your gifts and blog, you're no less talented than us Scandinavians. :)

Bobbi zei

Glad you had a good time!

maijamirjami zei

I'm so glad you liked these things. The bobbin lace on the bag was an old doily which I bought in a box full of odd craft stuff from flea market. It wasn't in best of shapes anymore and I can't mend lace so I had to find a new way to use it!