maandag 21 mei 2007

Blogging, Knitting, Holiday-ing!

Tomorrow, we are leaving for a short (but probably very sunny, and in any case very welcome and well-deserved) holiday! Wheee!

In a very timely manner, Bobbi, our Secret Pal 10 host, asks us the following questions related to holidays and knitting.

Assume that you will be gone for ten days to someplace "foreign" that is known for having great knitting locations.

1) What do you pack to knit?
On this holiday, I will take two pairs of socks... but I think I will try to take a break from knitting this time. I have some good books waiting for me (one is a collection of robot stories by Isaac Asimov... very cool) and taking naps on the beach doesn't sound too bad to me either ;-)

2) What do you hope to shop for?
We are not going to a location that is famous for knitting supplies or that has a strong knitting tradition... alas. But if we would, then I'd buy way too much yarn. I'd look for local yarns, and of course for sock yarn. I would, perhaps, also buy knitting needles as a useful souvenir.

(Bonus: Where would you go on a "knitting holiday"?)
Well, there are a few places where I'd like to go.
- To San Francisco; I have the impression that there are some very good yarn stores there. And of course the city is so cool. My boyfriend and I went to California on a holiday, 3 years ago, and it was our best holiday ever.
- To Finland. My Finnish Secret Pal's gifts are so fabulous... there are apparently many good yarn stores there. I'd love to do a Yarn Store Grand Tour in Finland!
- Finally (and she would probably find it a bit strange) I would like to be a Wollmeise groupie. I'd like to follow Claudia from Wollmeise yarns to all the German markets where she sells her yarns. And I'd buy way too much of it. So much that the Wollmeise could probably take a holiday herself with all the money I'd spend on her yarns. My boyfriend and son wouldn't appreciate this, I think... strange, no? ;-)

While we're speaking about Secret Pal 10... look at this!

This may look a bit strange, but it's a screenshot of an email attachment. My Secret Pal sent me the Thelonious sock pattern by Cookie A! One of my faves! Yeah!
Since I received it, there are a few skeins of sock yarn in my stash that have become a bit restless. This Scheepjes Invicta Extra is begging to be turned into a pair of Thelonious:
This Scheepjes yarn looks pretty good, actually. It's not very well-known but looks sturdy and comes in very nice colors. I think I'll grant its wishes :-)

3 opmerkingen:

Elemmaciltur zei

Awwww...come on. You can plan a trip to Benediktbeuren with us Wollmeise Groupies this September!!! ;-)

Secret Pal zei

You'd be more than welcome to Finland anytime but, you know, I'd also love to join you on this Wollmeise Groupie thing. Maybe we should travel to Germany together!

Bobbi zei

Sounds like fun. We could both stalk Claudia for Wollmeise!