donderdag 19 april 2007

Secret Pal Birthday Gift (en)

Secret Pal Birthday Gift, originally uploaded by Breibeest.

I'm usually very low-key about my birthday, which is somewhere in mid April.

Birthdays are a big thing in the Netherlands, but not so much in Belgium, where I was born and where I grew up. I'm used to only receiving a few little gifts (spending time with those I love is most important to me!) and to avoiding big birthday parties ;-)

So, it was an extremely pleasant surprise to find a package in the mail today -- containing birthday gifts from my Secret Pal! I had not expected it, and was deeply touched by it...

The package included two wrapped gifts - one blue, one green. These two colors proved to be the theme of the entire package: the green gift contained three balls of Noro Kureyon in just the perfect green-blue-purple-brown colorway (how on earth did you know that this is exactly the Noro colorway that I already had my eyes on?! :-) and a gorgeous skein of fine, handspun silk in deep blue and green.

There was also a birthday card (your handwriting is beautiful, BTW!) and a pattern for a very cool felted bag. Now, I have a very good reason to try felting for the very first time!

Last but not least, the blue package contained a fabulous handknitted item: a lovely purple scarf (it's difficult to photograph the color, but it's a strong, deep purple!) with an edge of lacy leaves; the scarf is slightly wider around the neck and narrower at the ends, and it is asymmetrical. Looks absolutely lovely when I wear it loosely around my neck, with one end draped over my shoulder.
I don't know how my Pal found out that I really love purple(I have many purple clothes!), asymmetry and lacy leaves; anyway, this scarf combines all of it. I'm already wearing it as protection against the chilly Spring evenings, and it will stay a favorite item in my wardrobe I'm sure!

Thank you so much, dear Pal, for all the love and attention that you put into the package, and especially in the scarf. It's wonderful to receive such a great and personal item from you. I send you many grateful Springtime kisses!

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Bobbi zei

What a nice birthday treat! Lucky you.