vrijdag 23 maart 2007

Easter goodness... (eng)

And this was inside..., originally uploaded by Breibeest.

Yesterday, I received a mysterious package from Finland... yes indeed, filled with Secret Pal goodness!

Two feathers...

As you can see on the photo, it contained a collection of joyful gifts in Easter and Spring-related colors.

My son surely appreciated the Bob the Builder card (his first introduction to the phenomenon indeed :-) and his brand new handknitted socks. Aren't they totally cute?

I like my new socks!

They're still a bit wide but his feet are growing like mad, so soon they'll fit him like a glove! The grass seeds are planted in a pot, waiting to come out -- we can surely appreciate some fresh greens around the house! The egg (solid, yummy chocolate in a real egg shell) was delicious (it didn't survive for very long ;-). And the two balls of cotton yarn: I adore the color, and am thinking about using it for a summer hat for my son (he needs one -- and I do hope we'll get a lot of sun this Summer).

Overall, I adore the colors and the springtime freshness of the yarns!

Secret Pal -- your present is much appreciated, and many thanks for your kind words in the accompanying card! It's pretty cool that we both have a little boy... I wish you very nice Easter holidays!

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